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Metal Hardware
Toilet Partition Prices

Bobrick & Metpar Toilet Partition Hardware Options

Toilet Partition Prices

Offering a wide selection of hardware options and upgrades to suit all your bathroom facility conditions.  Hardware listed are sold with the partition units and also sold separately.


Metal Partitions come standard with die cast chrome plated hardware.  Fastened with theft proof torx #25 pin head screws, offering a tight and secure connection without any tampering. All Doors are equipped with a slide latch “In Use” Indicator allowing visitors to know which stalls are available or occupied.  

Standard Ear and F Clip Systems

Privacy Strips - Add On

standard metal stall hardware
  • Standard hardware for all materials

  • 2 clips at each connection

  • 3 clips at each connection -phenolic & plastic 

  • Upgrade to Stainless Steel for overall better durability, long lasting and stronger connections.

Privacy Strip Metal Stalls
  • Privacy Strips are a cost efficient upgrade to your washroom stalls that make a huge impression. Stand out by offering a zero-site-line for your bathroom stalls.

  • Available as an upgrade for all materials

  • Increases strength & life of partitions

  • Available in aluminum and stainless

  • Recommended for plastic and phenolic

full channel metal stall hardware

Full Height Channel System

Phenolic Hardware
Privacy Strip Diagram


Bobrick Hardware Options

Metpar Hardware Options

Standard Ear and F Clip System
bobrick phenolic hardware

Coming standard with bobrick phenolic partitions are heavy gauge 304 stainless steel hardware. Two hinges - top and bottom with adjustable self closing door swing positions. Emergency access doors, robe hook and slide latch with keeper.

Full Height Channel System

Bobrick Institutional Hardware

Upgrade your bobrick phenolic partitions with heavy gauge 304 stainless steel full height channel hardware. Full Piano Hinge with self closing door. Emergency access doors, robe hook and slide latch with keeper.The strongest fastening available for bathroom stall partitions.  

Bobrick's Industry Leading Anchoring System

toilet partition anchoring system

Offering the strongest anchoring system for partitions is the 3/8" stainless steel wedge floor anchors. With a self leveling bolt and nut system, when phenolic is fastened and installed, they do not move or shift. 

With threaded metal inserts for door screws, and a threshold of 1500 lbs of pull out force. Bobrick phenolic partitions are among strongest and most secure installation. 

Standard Ear and F Clip System
metpar phenolic bathoom partition hardware

Standard metpar phenolic hardware. Door hardware is available in die-cast (D.C.) chrome, stainless steel (S/S), investment cast stainless steel, and aluminum. The bracket hardware selection is anodized satin, bright aluminum, die-cast chrome, or stainless steel.

Full Height Channels

metpar full height channels

Upgrade your metpar phenolic partitions with heavy duty stainless steel full height channel hardware. strengthen your stalls with more screws and better hold. Also covering gaps at the connection for more privacy.   

Piano Hinge door hardware

metpar piano hinge door hardware

Upgrade to a full height piano hinge. Self closing spring to keep all doors closed and looking symmetrical.    

Plastic Laminate Hardware

Bobrick Privacy gap-free options

Gap-Free Partitions

Gap Free Toilet Partition

Doors and pilaster beveled to interlock each other  leaving zero sight-lines with a completely private enclosure.  


Bobrick Hardware Options

Metpar Hardware Options

Standard Bobrick P-Lam Hardware

plastic lainate bathroom stall hardware - bobrick

Very Similar to phenolic, with slight changes to the door hinges and pin rods. This hardware system comes standard.

Through bolted Hardware System

through bolt hardware toilet partitions

Upgrade to a through bolted system with a male and female sex bolts. Strong system as all connections are completely secured through the material from one side to the other. 

Bobrick Anchoring System
plastic laminate anchoring system

Standard Screw, Plug and leveling bolt anchoring system. Anchor to the floor with a 2" screw,tighten the leveling bolt for uneven floors to ensure tops and doors are level. 

plastic laminate anchoring system option 2

Upgrade to the bolt system that is used for phenolic. Strongest anchoring system available. 

Standard Metpar P-Lam Hardware

pastic laminate toilet partition hardware - metpar

All the same specs as the phenolic hardware just some slight changes to the clips handles and latches as indicated in the picture.

Full Height Channels

metpar full height channels

Same channels used for phenolic is used for plastic laminate. 

Toilet Partition Piano Hinge

metpar piano hinge door hardware

Full Height piano hinge upgrade - same used for phenolic.

Polymer Hardware

Metpar Corp.

Plastic HDPE Bathroom Stall Hardware

full channel hardware - metpar toilet partitios

Available with clip, full height channels and piano hinge connections.

Clip installation has 3 clips at each connection.

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