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Commercial Bathroom Partition Supplier

SP STALLS - Toilet Partition Supplier

Sp Stalls & Storage offers 6-bathroom partition materials. Phenolic, Plastic Laminate, Metal, Stainless Steel and our very own exclusive Dur-A-Tex Faux Stainless Steel.

SP STALLS - Commercial Shower Partitions

A main stay in gyms, fitness facilities, aquatic centres, athletic dressing rooms. With many designs and configurations available check out our public shower partitions today.

Locker Bottom Inserts

New and exclusive product flooding the market are the one and only locker bottom inserts. Simply designed and easy to install these solid plastic inserts are a perfect investment to protect new lockers and also repair old. 

Phenolic Lockers

Supplying Ontario for 20 years of quality Phenolic locker service. It's been our pleasure to fulfill these great local facilities with great quality long lasting Lockers

SP STALLS - Metal Locker Supplier.jpg

Metal Lockers offer great value for any type of facility or even home use. With all welded, knock down and Police lockers available SP STALLS has all you need when it comes to public storage.

SP STALLS - Wire Mesh Storage Partition

Industrial heavy gauge wire mesh partitions to protect hazard  equipment or used as storage. 

What Toilet Partition Material And System Are Right For You?

I’m Looking for new bathroom stalls, what’s the cheapest material? What is the best material? I have a strict budget!

Will entry level washroom partitions last?.....

Budget, the absolute most deciding factor when it comes to renovations to your business or home. What is my budget? What type of toilet partitions can I afford?

Toilet partition prices can be affected by a number of factors.

  > Material Selection


Determining factor number 1 in your toilet partition price is material selection. Call this the “Base model" With 6 available materials to choose from, the prices range from $400-$950 per stall. Price based off standard hardware and standard stall sizes with no upgrades. 


  > Hardware Selection

Determining factor number 2 is the hardware you select. All partitions are priced off standard clip and wraparound door hinges unless requested otherwise.  SP Stalls will evaluate your bathroom conditions and your facilities traffic to determine what kind of hardware is best suited for your project. 

Bathroom stall hardware available for all materials are as listed. 


     Standard Clips (Zamac die cast metal)

     Standard Clips (Stainless Steel)

     Full Height Channels (Stainless Steel)

     Wrap around Door hinges (Zamac die cast metal)

     Wrap around Door hinges (Stainless Steel)

     Full Height Piano Hinge (Stainless Steel)

   > Toilet Partition Systems


The final determining factor when it comes to pricing out your bathroom stalls is the desired system you choose to purchase. Partition systems are spit up into 4 different styles listed below from low to high price point. 


Now, there is one exception to list. Bobrick Phenolic floor anchored toilet partitions cost less than the phenolic overhead braced systems. You ask why? Well the answer is simple. The anchoring system for phenolic remains the same for both floor anchored and overhead braced. All other materials have to upgrade to a 3/8" or 3/4" stainless steel wedge floor anchors which changes raises the cost to purchase. 

Metal Toilet Partitions
Plastic Laminate Toilet Partitions
Solid Phenolic Toilet Partitions
Solid Plastic Toilet Partitions
Stainless Steel Toilet Partitions

Overhead Braced Toilet Partitions
Floor Anchored Toilet Partitions
Ceiling Hung Toilet Partitions
Floor to Ceiling Toilet Partitions

How To Purchase Toilet Partitions?

Bathroom Stalls Toronto

How do I purchase new bathroom stalls?

Simple question right?.. Just pick up the phone call SP Stalls and say...

I would like to purchase a set of 4 bathroom stalls. When can I pick them up? When can they get delivered? Are toilet partitions easy to install? Do you have installers? How do I pay?.....

Seems to be a lot of questions and unknowns for anyone who has not bought bathroom partitions before through a professional sales agent. And the truth is, there is a lot of questions to ask. Ask away, questions are great building blocks during the beginning stage of your toilet partition purchase. Every question and concern is valid is noted and there is no such thing as a bad question.


The first step in purchasing new toilet partitions is knowing your layout. We can issue you a price and quotation solely based of your current layout or desired layout. I mention desired because it is very possible during a bathroom renovation to add or move toilet bowls. Re-configuring your bathroom entirely is not uncommon and something we at SP Stalls would love to help you re configure.



Email us your layout configuration Pick up the phone and call one of our professional estimators to discuss your layouts and desired materials. A nice brief conversation can cover everything and at that point we can enter your future bathroom design into our system for pricing and send it back via email. (Measurements are not needed at this point, if you have them that is great, but it is not mandatory at pricing stage)



You have now received a price on your new toilet partitions. You have decided that it is in your budget to replace your old bathroom stalls and you would to go ahead with the new order. Perfect, Let us take it from here, your work is done and you have now purchased new toilet partitions for your commercial washroom.

We ask new customers for 50% up front for the production of the your new partitions and the other 50% when the job is complete. Returning customers and tender jobs required just a purchase order to get this step started.



the customer and SP Stall work together and finalize an installation date for the new toilet partitions. arranging the freight and delivery is all SP Stalls scope of work, you the customer just say a date and we will work with out ops team and make it happen.



Title says it all, your new partition are installed and complete all there is left to do now is take out your phone, get yourself some pictures and post them on your social media pages and show your friends. New toilet partitions have a huge impact of the look and feel to your commercial washroom. Its the first thing you see when you walk into a bathroom. So make an impression and choose the design and build team leading the industry since 2004. SP Stalls & Storage your division 10 leaders for Lockers and Washroom equipment

New Bathroom Partitons

New bathroom stalls courtesy of SP Stalls & Storage 2018

Our Mission

It is our mission to create long term relationships with our customers, contractors and architects by offering them the best service, deliveries and installations  possible. We strive everyday to make sure we give our customers the best price and the correct material for they're specific project. 


Representing Ontario for 20 years with bathroom cubicles, lockers and  Accessories. Providing expert advice, help and assistance makes working with SP Stalls the best experience in the industry.

Our Expertise

With daily freights travelling throughout Ontario filled with toilet partitions and bathroom accessories. It all starts in the morning from the beautiful city of Toronto. The central location with over 2.5 million people residing within, you have all at one point passed or seen our delivery trucks. Lift the seat and don't forget to flush in thoughts of SP Stalls. 

Area Serviced

A great amount of our business resides within the Toronto area. Having said that we had a wide range of contractors and clients with  from Oshawa - Barrie -Owen sound, Windsor all the way to British Columbia. We serve all of you proud and continue to grow our clientele throughout southern Ontario and across Canada. Call today to become apart of the legacy. 

The rough rugged and raw of the locker scene. When it comes to Phenolic Lockers you can't think of a bad thing to say. When it comes to price - You cant think of a better place to call.  Type you're emails, make you're calls, spend your day searching everywhere in Canada. We can guarantee SP Stalls will offer a minimum 20% cheaper price than any other dealer. Wholesale pricing and Canada's leader in sales, save your time and call us today for expert service and price.

New or used lockers? Doesn't matter, this new hot item is a cant miss purchase. Protect your new and salvage your old metal lockers this affordable insert. Turn an old rusted out locker that serves no purpose into a strong durable bottom for heavy storage. Or Protect your new lockers from rust and corroding deficiencies later down the road. An overall grade A investment for metal lockers. 

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